Apex Energy Alternative Resources

Apex Energy Alternative Resources is specializing in oil, gas, and distillates contract negotiations. We have a proven record of managing successful transactions between buyers and sellers.

rect_imgOil & Petroleum

We source, store and blend oil and petroleum products and transport them around the globe to meet specific customer needs.

rect_imgNon Ferrous & Bulk

Our global trading activities in refined metals, concentrates, coal and iron ore are brought together in our non-ferrous and bulk division.

rect_imgShipping Chartering

We manage a global fleet of over 40 vessels. Our Shipping and Chartering Department trades dry and wet cargo contracts on international markets.

rect_imgRisk Management

Discover what risk management strategies supported by up-to-the-minute market intelligence and financial expertise can do for your business.

We're not brokers, we're traders.

Apex Energy Alternative Resources negotiates long-term and spot contracts for qualified buyers and sellers in oil, gas, and distillates by working directly with suppliers and end-users.

Our clients come from across the globe for Apex Energy Alternative Resources' proven track record in:

  • Finding a reputable supplier/buyer
  • Spot and long-term contract negotiations
  • Discount negotiations
  • Quality product procurement from Apex Energy Alternative Resources' exclusive suppliers
  • Refined and blended product procurement
  • Secure transactions
  • Simplified, expedited negotiations

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