Apex Energy Alternative Resources works with large suppliers in the Middle East, India, Asia and Russia to provide oil and distillate products to qualified buyers. Our exclusive suppliers, refineries and blending plants can supply crude, blended, or refined products.

Apex Energy Alternative Resources' trades in common fuel distillates, including:

  • Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) – A low-carbon, low-polluting mix of propane and butane derived from both oil and natural gas production. LPG is widely available and commonly used for heating, fuel, and refrigeration, industrial, government, and military applications. LPG production is expected to steadily grow over the next few years, possibly exceeding demand, with the Middle East leading worldwide production.

  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) – Compressed liquid gas with widespread commercial applications. A blend of mostly methane with small amounts of ethane, propane, butane, and other alkalines, LNG is shipped in liquid state to your destination where it can then be regasified. Because it is a widely available product (exported from 15 countries with large, proven natural gas fields), LNG is competitively priced in the energy market.

  • Ethane – Ethane content is extracted from either LNG or petroleum gas, a byproduct of petroleum refining. Ethane is primarily used as a petrochemical feedstock for ethylene production in the chemical industry. Traditionally, North America and the Middle East are the largest consumers of ethane in the world. The Middle East's future consumption is projected to grow, causing ethane prices to rise worldwide.

  • Gasoline (petrol) – Blended product is widely available in a variety of grades (octane rating). Importing gasoline product must comply to your country's RON. North America and Western Europe remain the world's largest consumers of gasoline, and gasoline prices are expected to increase in the future.

  • Diesel fuel (petrodiesel) – Liquid petroleum-derived diesel has seen some increase in price recently. Recent regulations in some countries requiring reduced sulfur content is contributing to the price increase, as well as the shutdown of refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. Increases in price also occur in colder months as demand increases in certain parts of the world. Diesel is readily available for use in aircraft, train transport, and vehicle, generator, and ship fuel.

  • Kerosene – Liquid kerosene can be transported for use as jet fuel, heating oil and for military, pesticide, and commercial applications. GTL (gas-to-liquid) kerosense is expected to be widely used in the aviation industry over the coming decades.

  • Jet fuel – Jet A, Jet A-1, and Jet B specification fuel is available for commercial, private, or government use. Generally only sold in large volumes. The price of jet fuel is largely dependent on oil prices, though worldwide demand of commercial, private, and military flights have not waned.

  • Fuel oils – Fuel oils are used worldwide for heat, engines, and power generation. Fuel oil Nos. 1-6 are available in a variety of classifications, including heavy fuel oil, residual fuel oil, and blends to meet certain specifications.

Apex Energy Alternative Resources secures contracts for the procurement, shipping, and delivery of octane product to U.S.-based buyers only. All contracts must adhere to ICC standards and current international law in oil and gas, as well as Apex Energy Alternative Resources' secure transaction policy in regards to Buyer's and Seller's Information.

Please note: Apex Energy Alternative Resources considers viable octane offers that are neither significantly greater or less than current market prices.

The following documentation is needed in order to deliver octane product:

  • 637S license and storage. Your must have storage for the product and a 637S license before contacting Apex Energy Alternative Resources.

  • Purchaser information: Address, phone, fax, email, and contact name

  • W8 and W9 forms

  • Banking information: Name of bank, address, phone, fax, email, and name of bank representative

Octane Product Procedures for Buyers:

1) Contact Apex Energy Alternative Resources and indicate the price, destination, and quantity of octane product desired.
2) If Apex Energy Alternative Resources can provide the product, we will ask for an LOI on your company's letterhead. If sending a proffered deal, have the LOI/ICPO sent with the contract offer.
3) All offers must indicate port of destination, quantity, and price (Platt or Rack) in the LOI/ICPO.*

*It may take up to several weeks to acquire government approval before beginning business transactions, especially if this is the first time the governmental body is working with the producer or offering company.

Contact Apex Energy Alternative Resources today to discuss our octane product procurement.